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See Jen's 7 Quick Takes to see links to everyone participating. My theme for these blurbs is "things God is doing in my life".  I'm twitter-sizing my takes to keep them "quick".

Lectio divina last Friday rubbed it in that God teaches and leads, and I should have listened instead of driving the van that overheated.
Sat. wanted to meditate/enjoy #5, but still felt guilty about van deal. LD says, "Sing & rejoice, daughter, I am coming to dwell among you."
That #5 reminded me of Job 1:11, where Satan says we will blaspheme God for allowing us trials. Praise God in your troubles!
Got message to focus on God and let Him handle money etc.  Been trying not to stress about rent. Got surprise check Mon. Took care of that.
Sun's LD struck me in a literal way. Today gave a spare jacket to a lady at my kids' school who had given her own jacket to her daughter.
Tired Tues. Rediscovered how hard it is to hear God when tired. LD reminds me doing his will is what matters, not appearance/extras.
Thurs LD (w/ Wed readings), "I am God; there is no other" reminded me not to listen when I feel I HAVE to eat that cookie/snack/whatever.
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