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See Jen's 7 Quick Takes to see links to everyone participating. My theme for these blurbs is "things God is doing in my life". Since my husband thinks my takes are anything but quick, this week I'm condensing each take into a twitter-able size. I'd appreciate it if you shared whether you think that works well or not.


God told me to drive Elijah to school; and then to park farther away. Discovered that Gabe couldn't breathe in wind. Glad I didn't walk.


Wanted to go to penance serv. instead of usual 2nd Sat confession. Saw 2nd Sat = Guadalupe. Big deal here, so no confession. Worked out.


Been asking God about writing comments on blogs. Get frustrated when he says it's not ready to post, but find that leads to better writing.


Another time, my lectio divina helped me write a better comment. I like it when God helps me write better.


LD showed my faltering faith re: job/money. Spoke aloud re: trust & "I praise the name of the Lord". Jesus said "Thank you". Profound for me


Is there a hormone that makes us crave tossing stuff and having uncluttered space? Asked God about these extreme feelings, no answer yet.


Gave friend ride. Got negative feeling from God. Didn't listen. Van overheated. BAD. Made it home eventually. Begged God's forgiveness.
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