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7 Quick Takes is a blog carnival, hosted every Friday by Jen of  See this week's 7 Quick Takes to read Jen's Takes and see links to everyone participating.  The idea is to post seven blurbs, usually things which are too short to write a full blog post about, but still interesting.  My theme for these blurbs is "things God is doing in my life".


I've been thinking about - really more like agonizing over - whether I should walk Elijah to school in the mornings instead of driving him.  School is about a mile away; I really didn't *want* to have to walk it, but it would save gas money, is better for the environment, and would be good exercise for me.  I just couldn't find any peace on it, so finally I bibled it.  Can't remember what the passage was like, but I definitely took it to mean I should walk, and that decision has brought me some peace.


I talked with my friend Angela on Monday, and while talking about things going on in her own life, she said something along the lines of how you can only learn to follow God in the desert.  This really struck me, because I feel like God has been giving me messages about following him and also giving me the feeling that I should be making lots of sacrifices at this time.  It hadn't really occurred to me that the sacrifices were about learning to follow God better, but that makes some sense to me, and I was grateful for that insight.


Tuesday's lectio divina centered on a similar message (from Wisdom): "Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed, because God tried them and found them worthy of himself."  That's where I feel I am at; being tried in (mild) fire, with blessings to follow.


There's a "healing the family tree" event going on this weekend, and I was agonizing over whether to go, there being practical difficulties with doing so.  I took a moment to "clean heart".    I realized that I felt, in a backwards sort of way, that I ought to go because I still had unresolved theological issues with the concept.  I felt fairly clearly God telling me that he would deal with that later; that this was not the time.  So I'm not going.


With the thought of making sacrifices in the back of my mind, and after realizing I had spent some excessive time on the computer, I was thinking of giving the computer up entirely for awhile.  When I asked God about it, though, I felt that he wanted me to let him lead me as to when I should and shouldn't be on the computer; that this was part of following him.  I sense it will still involve some cutting back on computer time, and this route is a lot harder for me than an "all or nothing" approach.


Chatting with my sister-in-law this week, I somehow ended up throwing out a list off the top of my head of things that I can feel I ought to do, but only when someone is talking about them (like wearing headcoverings, or walking everywhere I go).  I meant it almost as a sort of "see how silly my feelings are" kind of thing, so I was surprised when she responded that she could see all the things I listed as somehow fitting me.  I suddenly had this flash of how freeing it might be for me to embrace a whole host of things simmering in my subconscious - rather like how freeing it was for me to embrace the epidural-free birth, with Gabe.  I think I will pay more attention towards which of these kinds of things God might be leading me towards.


I'm helping with my parish's Bunco night tonight, which means I will be offered food with meat and also desserts, both of which I would otherwise be trying not to eat today.  I talked to God about it, and I was leaning towards thinking he was saying to go ahead and eat meat and desserts anyways, and I felt that was confirmed when today's lectio divina focused on "For from the greatness and the beauty of created things their original author, by analogy, is seen."
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