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7 Quick Takes is a blog carnival, hosted every Friday by Jen of  See this week's 7 Quick Takes to read Jen's Takes and see links to everyone participating.  The idea is to post seven blurbs, usually things which are too short to write a full blog post about, but still interesting.

Monday I read a Bible passage (in Tobit) that struck me.  I'm not going to explain it all (I'm sort of writing this in a hurry), but God made clear to me how some of my thinking was getting in the way of the healing ministry that he wants me to be doing.  


That same passage came up in my talk with my sister-in-law on Wednesday, in a completely different context involving political freedom, where, again, my thinking was getting in the way of seeing how God might want to bless us. 


I told my sister-in-law about #1, and she immediately gave me some names of people to pray for.  I hadn't expected to be put to work quite so... promptly.  But it felt right.


That evening, after the kids went to bed, I was going to spend a little time praying for those people, although I was having trouble finding anyplace inside the house that felt comfortable to sit and pray.  Then I felt this vague negative sense about praying right then.  I cast my mind around and realized I had forgotten to bring the laundry in from the line outside, so I figured God wanted me to do that first.  When I went outside, I discovered how beautiful and peaceful it was in the dark, a perfect place to pray.  (After I brought the laundry in).


The bus saga... First day of school, Kyrie cries all the way home because I came and picked her up when she wanted to ride the bus home.  Second day of school, I let her and Elijah take the bus, and then end up picking them up anyways because they never got off the bus, so the driver delivered them back to school.  As if I wasn't having enough turmoil over this issue to begin with. But I finally resorted to Bibling it, and God said to go pick them up everyday, and he would provide me with the energy to do it.  (And Kyrie no longer wants to ride the bus, so that fits too.)


I really haven't been doing a very good job of turning to God this week.  I keep finding that I've been letting myself get anxious without turning to him, or that I've gone whole days without looking to see if I was doing what he wanted.  Not good. 


Thursday evening was one of the few exceptions to #6...  I felt overloaded because of the bus saga, and was trying to figure out if I should work on some of my writing projects or just blog around, or what.  Asked God, and got the distinct sense I should just relax and read a book.  So I did, and it felt good.
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