December 9th, 2010


Math Pages

So normally I make the kids do a page of math everyday.  I've been printing off worksheets from  However, this week I ran out of pages for Elijah.  When I went to print some more, the printer informed me that we were out of ink.  (The printer's idea of being "out of ink" is a little bit dubious; Ken printed off four high-quality color photos after that without the printer saying anything more than that the ink was low.  But my black-and-white worksheets?  It refused to print those at all.  Even though there are icons for *two* black ink sources, and only one of them was out.  Go figure.  Oh, and Ken has recently replaced pretty much all the ink cartridges.  We go through ink too fast.  I think ink cartridges might be a great Christmas present.  Too bad I didn't include them on the list.)

Anyhow, since I couldn't print any more mathsheets off for Elijah, I looked for some online math games he could play.  I found which has some flashcard and other games.  He did flashcards yesterday; today he did the "Hidden Picture" game.  He liked the games a lot.  In the meantime, though, Kyrie is a little jealous since she still has ordinary math pages to work through.  I told her she could play online when she had finished all her printed pages.  Yesterday I told her she could work on the math pages outside of schooltime, if she wanted to.  Today she informed me that she was going to finish them all this afternoon.  Ah, the motivation of a game.  :)  But we'll see if she carries through on this.  Her four-digit-addition math pages are pretty time-consuming for her.  (She also has two's-times-table, which doesn't take her quite so long.)

Blog Change?

 So now I'm thinking about switching to using my blogspot blog instead of LJ or Wordpress, because I can upload photos and videos directly and very easily there.  (And have more customizability of the look than in Wordpress.  Any opinions?