November 20th, 2009



7 Quick Takes is a blog carnival, hosted every Friday by Jen of See this week's 7 Quick Takes to read Jen's Takes and see links to everyone participating. The idea is to post seven blurbs, usually things which are too short to write a full blog post about, but still interesting. My theme for these blurbs is "things God is doing in my life".


Doing lectio divina on Saturday, with the gospel's message of persistence in prayer, the line "he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily" resonated with me and reminded me to keep faith that God will answer my prayers for a job for Ken, and that he won't wait too long.


Saturday I was sleepy, but I had this persistent feeling that I should stick to my schedule which said I should be writing at that time. As I tried to work on an email, I kept nodding off, and I felt sure my writing must be too poor quality to actually use. But I kept feeling that God was pushing me to write, anyhow, so I did. Monday when I looked at the email again, I found it didn't need rewriting after all, just a touchup or two and then picking up where I left off.


Tuesday I had one of those "I probably shouldn't eat one more muffin, but it's so good, so I will" moments. Then lectio divina that day focused on "have the courage to reject the food which it is unlawful to taste even for love of life. ... suffering it with joy in my soul". Again, that really spoke to me. "Love of life" is exactly how pleasures get justified in my mind, and suffering with joy in my soul is exactly what I need to replace it with.


It seems to me fitting, if not completely pleasant, that, in the month where God told me to work on cleaning my heart, the things that come up in lectio divina are frequently my sins.


One exception this week was when my lectio divina focused on something that I'd had opportunity to talk about with my sister-in-law last Saturday. I'm not going to give any details; it's too sad an issue for me to share in a blog post. But the lectio divina was, in its own way, comforting.


On my morning walks to and from dropping Elijah off at school, I've been daydreaming about how to design a city. Something felt wrong about spending my time on a project that will never go beyond my mind, though. During a before-bed examination of conscience, God convinced me that yes, he doesn't want me doing it. (There are practical reasons for thinking this: such daydreams just make it easier to get frustrated with the real world, for example). So I'm working on redirecting my thoughts to more relevant considerations.


When getting ready to do today's lectio divina, I felt led to read some of the notes that accompany the Mass readings in my little booklet. The notes explicitly compared Jesus' cleaning out of the temple to us being the temple of the Spirit and needing to be kept cleaned out. It sounded exactly like 'cleaning my heart'. So my lectio divina focused on "My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves." I realized that I had been feeling attacked by anxieties all day, and that I had let some of these anxieties in like thieves, and wasn't trusting God as I should. So I apologized to God and asked his forgiveness and let go of my anxieties, and felt very much more like a house of prayer.