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I Told You It's A Boy; Charismatics

Awhile ago, a friend commented that she was a little surprised that I'm a Charismatic, since most people she knows who were raised by Charismatics have drifted away from it.  Ever since then, I've been meaning to blog about what I see in the Charismatics I know.  

Kyrie prayed for Elijah to have a little brother.  Shortly after that I got pregnant.   Sometime later I happened to say something along the lines of "if it's a girl".  Kyrie heard me and immediately said, "NO!  It's not a girl, it's a boy because I prayed for Elijah to have a brother."  At that time, I had not thought of Kyrie's prayer for awhile; I had as good as forgotten it, and I was a bit impressed that she remembered it.  But the utter faith that Kyrie showed in that statement made a real impression on me.  She had prayed for Elijah to have a brother; therefore the baby was a boy.  That kind of faith isn't easy for us adults to have.  It has to be fought for.  But when I thought about it, my heart said Kyrie was right; that God had simply answered her unselfish prayer.  

People have often asked me if I knew the gender of the baby.  I often wanted to say 'yes, it's a boy', despite not having had the ultrasound yet.  Sometimes I did say something along the lines of "I haven't had the ultrasound, but I believe it's a boy, because Kyrie prayed for Elijah to have a brother and right after that I got pregnant."  Usually the response I get goes something like "Oh, how nice.  That would be nice, if it's a boy."  A few times I got something like "What will you/Kyrie do if it's a girl?"  I'm not sure a single person I told that to gave me the impression that my faith was reasonable. 

Now, I'm not sure how all of the people in my Charismatic prayer group would have responded if I had told them that.  But I do know that Charismatics are the only ones I have met who ever seem to have any sense that it is possible to know God's will for you, and that it is not unreasonable to declare that you know what God is doing in your life.  Most Catholics I know have a generic faith in God; but the Charismatics are the only ones I've met who have the kind of personal faith that says "God is speaking to me on a regular basis and I can hear him".  They are, I think, the only ones who *might* not think that I'm slightly crazy for believing, without physical evidence, that God answered my daughter's prayer.   This kind of faith is what draws me to them, and it is the main reason I keep going.  

Until yesterday, that was about all that I wanted to write on the topic.  Yesterday I finally had my ultrasound.  And let me tell you, I have the urge to go around telling people "I told you so", because yes, the boy parts were quite visible.  (The technician actually managed to politely convey that they were rather large boy parts).   I was sort of debating telling the ultrasound technician about my faith that it was a boy, but I couldn't think of any good simple way to sum it all up.  However, I happened to have all three of the kids with me at the time.  They were playing with the chair and the curtain in the corner, pretending it was a shower curtain, and occasionally coming out to comment on all the pictures that were apparently starting to reach the floor (pictures of head, heart, brain levels, kidneys, etc.)  When Kyrie heard the technician say that it was a boy, she popped up and said, "Did you say it was a boy?" When the technician said yes, Kyrie added "I prayed for Elijah to have a brother."  So then I cheerfully explained that yes, she had prayed for Elijah to have a brother, and I had gotten pregnant shortly after.  The technician seemed mildly impressed.  She also printed off a set of pictures for me, two of which show the boy parts explicitly.  I laughed to see the pictures.  The cloudy grey pictures of an ultrasound might be the one time you can take a picture of a child's genitalia without risking anyone's concerns about child porn.  On our way out, the receptionist asked if we knew what the baby was.  When I said it was a boy, Kyrie again popped up to explain that she had prayed for Elijah to have a brother, and I repeated what I had told the technician.  Back in the other waiting room, waiting for my regular checkup with the doctor, another lady sitting there asked again, and this time I didn't wait for Kyrie to pop up with anything before explaining that the baby was a boy and Kyrie had prayed for Elijah to have a brother.  

So yes, the baby is a boy, and I have the pictures to prove it.  Now if I can just decide what to name the kid, and who to pick for godparents, before he is born, that will be nice. 
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